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Pediatric Chiari

What is Chiari?

If you suspect that your child has Chiari or have been recently diagnosed, these pages may be useful in helping you understand the disorder. Please check all of our pediatric page to find patient literature to help you explain to family, friends, medical professionals and teachers that may have a part in the care of your child. You can also meet "real" pediatric patients, get connected to other parents on Facebook and find some hope from other children who battle Chiari everyday.

Quick Facts About Pediatric Chiari

  • Although it is estimated that Chiari affects about 300,000 people in the US, it is not known how many children are affected.

  • Up to 30% of children born with Spina Bifida also have Chiari.

  • Trouble swallowing is one of the most common symptoms in young children with Chiari, which can lead to growth problems.

  • Older children with Chiari often have scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine.

  • The cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and developmental effects of Chiari have not been studied extensively, and are not well understood.

  • There have been reports of sudden death related to Chiari, for example due to respiratory issues, but it is not clear how often this occurs