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About The Chiari Academy
The Chiari Academy offers online courses to empower those impacted by Chiari, providing essential knowledge and tools. Courses are offered at different levels to cater to each learner. 

Course Navigation

Our courses offer flexible content navigation options, allowing learners to choose between watching all videos (each 10-15 minutes long) before exploring supplemental information or reviewing the content of a module before progressing. Modules can be viewed in any order, and learners can rewatch or skip specific modules as desired. Each module's Key Points are summarized at the end of each video. 

Future Courses - Coming in 2024

  • Measuring Chiari Beyond Tonsillar Position
  • Navigating the Chiari Experience

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Disclaimer: All Chiari Academy presentations and associated content are intended for informational purposes only and may or may not apply to everyone. The creators are not doctors and are not engaged in providing medical advice. Always consult a qualified professional for medical care. The images, illustrations, and videos included may not be anatomically correct. Conquer Chiari does not endorse specific physicians or medical facilities.