Cycle 4 Chiari - July 5-14th 2019

Cycle4Chiari is a fundraising and awareness event in support of the thousands of families affected by Chiari Malformation, a serious neurological condition which causes many symptoms and often requires brain surgery. Unlike traditional cycling events, Cycle4Chiari does not have set locations and routes. Rather, from July 5-14 2019 riders everywhere across the country can log their miles using the cycling app of their choice and then email their mileage to Conquer Chiari.

During the event, we will track the total mileage of all riders on this website. Let’s see how many miles we can Cycle4Chiari!!

Conquer Chiari is the largest non-profit organization focused on Chiari research and has funded more than $3.9 million in research projects. Proceeds from Cycle4Chiari will be used to support our research program and educational efforts.

How long will the event last?
You can start fundraising now! You can ride anytime from July 5-14, 2019.

How do I sign up? Register to Ride:

How do I send my mileage in?
You can convert your route(s) from any of your favorite cycling apps to a GPX file or take a screen shot of your ride and send in to Heather, anytime during the event. If you do not currently use a cycling app, there are many popular ones, and below is a short list along with links that describe how to export rides to GPX files. Note this list is not complete and more cycling apps are available.

Ride with GPS

Export GPX file from Ride with GPS


Export GPX file from STRAVA

Map My Ride

Convert your MMR ride ID to GPX here


From the Cyclemeter App; click history, select ride, scroll down and select email/export, then select GPX file attachment and email it to yourself. NEXT, on your computer; save GPX file and upload to Cycle4Chiari!


Export GPX file from ViewRanger

Am I able to participate with a stationary bike?
Yes! Please just take a picture of the miles you ride and send in to Heather, anytime during the event.

Am I only allowed to ride 1 day during the event or can I count multiple days?
You may count all rides from July 5-14.

Is the fundraising only on-line, or can I collect checks too?
You can accept checks! Checks should be made out to Conquer Chiari. You can add the checks to your total through your page and then send them (along with your name) to:

Conquer Chiari
320 Osprey Ct.
Wexford, PA 15090

How & when will I receive my shirt (or other incentives)?
You will get an email once the event is over to get your size and mailing address. In order to get your incentives you must email your size and mailing address to Heather once the event is over. You can expect your incentives 8-10 weeks after the event closes.

I live outside the United States, can I participate in the Cycle4Chiari
Yes! Anyone can raise money, however, we are still looking into whether we are allowed to send the shirts and other incentives to participants outside the US.

How will the money raised from the Cycle4Chiari be used?
The money will support Conquer Chiari’s research and awareness programs. You can read more about these programs on our website: