Conquer Chiari Research Conferences are held bi-annually, bringing together the top neurosurgeons and researchers around the world to discuss the latest advances and many controversies surrounding diagnosis and treatment.

Conquer Chiari Research Conference 2014 :
Advancing Diagnosis, Management & Understanding

(November 2014) The first conference held at The University of Akron (home of the Conquer Chiari Research Center). View Discussion Summary  detailing topics discussed during the conference.

Conquer Chiari Research Conference 2012 

(November 2012) Building on the success of past conferences, this two-day professional research conference focused on new developments in Chiari research, with discussion on issues in diagnosis and treatment. The event brought together the top physicians and researchers involved with Chiari Malformation in a format designed to maximize the exchange of ideas. View Conference Booklet  detailing topics discussed during the conference.

Conquer Chiari Research Conference 2010:  New Developments & Controversies

(November 2010) The third bi-annual research conference organized by Conquer Chiari again drew over 40 of the top neurosurgeons and Chiari researchers in the world to discuss the latest advances of diagnosis and treatment.

Chiari Clinical Subtypes and Outcomes by Expression Analysis
Christina Markunas, Duke University
Mechanisms of cerebellar tonsil herniation in patients with Chiari
Dr. Roger Kula, The Chiari Institute
Syrinx Formation
Dr. Marcus Stoodley, Macquarie University

Epistemology of Chiari
Dr. Jorge Lazareff, UCLA
Adult Tethered Cord
Dr. John Oro, Chiari Treatment Center
Endoscopic surgeries for Chiari and it's comorbidities
Dr. Xiao Di, Cleveland Clinic
Cognitive Function in Chiari I
Dr. David Frim, University of Chicago
Validated CM Symptom Measure
Dr. Diane Mueller, University of Missouri
Effect of Neck Position on CSF Flow and Compression
Dr. Rajiv Bapuraj, University of Michigan
Changes in Morphology of Hindbrain Structures After Craniocervical Decompression
Dr. John Heiss, National Institutes of Health
Medical Management of Chiari Malformation in Children
Dr. Ian Butler, University of Texas
Decompression with and without duraplasty; morbidity vs recurrence
Dr. Thomas Moriarty, Norton Neuroscience Institute
Histological & Biomechanical study of dura mater applied to dura splitting decompression
Dr. Dorian Chauvet, University of Paris

Longitudinal Impedance and Volumetric Expansion as Quantitative Measures of Chiari Severity
Dr. Francis Loth, University of Akron
Development and Early Clinical Evaluation of Non-invasive MR Measurement of ICP
Dr. Noam Alperin, University of Miami
In-Vitro Modeling of Syrinx Progression
Dr. Bryn Martin, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Chiari Malformation:  State of the Research & New Directions 2008

(November 2008) A two day professional research conference, sponsored by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), which brought together the top physicians and researchers in the field in order to establish the current state of knowledge regarding Chiari malformation, discuss recent developments in Chiari research, and develop research recommendations to advance the state of knowledge and care for Chiari malformation. The meeting presentations breakout working group sessions on: Definition & Pathophysiology, Symptoms & Diagnostic Criteria, Engineering & Imaging Techniques, Treatment, Pediatric Issues, and Related Conditions.

Dr. Raymond Sekula, Allegheny General
Symptoms & Diagnosis
Dr. Timothy George, University of Texas

Engineering & Imaging Techniques
Dr. Francis Loth, University of Akron

Chiari Genetics: Dogs & Humans
Dr. Guy Rouleau, McGill University

Dr. John Oro, Chiari Treatment Center

Pediatric Issues
Dr. Mark Luciano, Cleveland Clinic

Related Conditions
Dr. David Frim, University of Chicago

Keynote: Neuropathic Pain: Sensation and Imaging
Dr. Vania Apkarian, Northwestern University

Tethered Cord & Chiari
Dr. Thomas Milhorat, The Chiari Institute

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Chiari Syndrome
Kate Jordan

Time Course of Syrinx Resolution After Craniocervical Decompression
Dr. John Heiss, National Institutes of Health

Syringomyelia Pathophysiology
Dr. Marcus Stoodley, University of Queensland

UIC/Conquer Chiari Research Symposium 2007

(June 2007) The UIC/Conquer Chiari Research Symposium was held on June 2nd at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The event brought together top neurosurgeons and researchers from around the world to present their work and exchange ideas.

Working Towards A Cohesive Research Strategy And Agenda
Rick Labuda

The Importance of Understanding The Neuropsychological Effects of Chiari
Dr. Ray D’Alonzo

Post-traumatic syringomyelia: numerical models of possible tethering effects of arachnoiditis
Dr. Christopher Bertram

Can bone decompression alone suffice in certain pediatric cases?
Dr. Stephen Fletcher

Posterior Fossa Volume In Pediatric Chiari Type 1 Patients
Dr. Spyridon Sgouros

Chiari I and Syringomyelia Pathophysiology
Dr. John Heiss

Chiari Surgery: Will A Consensus Develop?
Dr. John Oro

Theoretical models for the propagation of pressure pulses in the spinal CSF system and implications for the pathogenesis of syringomyelia
Dr. Peter Carpenter

Epidemiology of Chiari I Malformation
Dr. Stephen Hulley

High-resolution MRI methods for anatomical and flow imaging
Dr. John Oshinski

Importance of mechanical forces for patients with Chiari Malformation
Dr. Frank Loth

CSF Velocity and Flow In Chiari Malformation
Dr. Victor Haughton

Dural sparing decompression surgery for Chiari I malformation and implications for the management of coexistent autism
Dr. Neil Feldstein

Treatment of Failed Adult Chiari Malformation Surgery
Dr. Ghassan Bejjani

Endoscopic Chiari Surgery: Is a ”Minimally invasive” Procedure Enough?
Dr. Mark Luciano

What Chiari II Can Tell Us About Chiari I
Dr. Jorge Lazareff

Cellular and molecular origins of Chiari I/II: disentangling the underlying genetic circuitry by microarrays and genomics
Dr. Georgy Koentges

MRI Measurements of Intracranial Compliance
Dr. Terry Lichtor, Dr. Noam Alperin

Duraplasty materials for Chiari decompression Q&A
Dr. Konstantin Slavin

Opening Remarks & Duraplasty materials for Chiari decompression
Dr. Konstantin Slavin