Staying Positive

Embracing New Directions With Chiari
Find Your Moment and Share It With The World

Ray's Corner

Physical Wellness: A Key Ingredient
Staying Out Of The Waste Basket
Tell Your Story
Gaining Broad Acceptance
Post Decompression Tinnitus
Does Chiari Progress?
Chiari & Personality Changes
Chiari & Tooth Pain
Chiari & Pregnancy
Ten Years After
All Is Not Chiari
Chiari's Many Faces Of Sleep Disturbance
Are Some Chiari Surgeons Too Aggressive?
When It's Time To Come Off Drugs
Holidays & Stress
More Than A Mile
The Science Behind The Science
Everyone Needs A Hug
Clarifying Some Important Treatment Options
Dare I "Suggest" Hypnosis?
Chiari & The Common Cold - Misery Loves Company
Back To The Future
Tips For Fighting Chiari Related Depression
Look To The Founding Fathers For Inspiration
Marathon Stories From Ray, Annie and Adele
Good Things Come In Small Packages
Does Reiki Deliver The Healing Touch?
Does Reiki Deliver The Healing Touch (Part II)?
Recovering From Chiari Surgery
Chiari Is The Duck-Billed Platypus Of Diseases
Fake Drugs - A Growing Problem To Watch For
What Would It Take To Develop A Chiari Drug?
Chiari & Aerobic Exercise
Determination, The Patient's Contribution To Wellness

Dr. Bland

Finding A Doctor
Connective Tissue Is The Foundation Of Our Bodies
Chiari & Sleep Apnea
Let's Think About Thinking - The Cognitive Effects Of Chiari
September Is Pain Awareness Month

Daily Living

Understanding How Chiari Symptoms Affect Daily Activity
Young Chiari Athletes: The Possibility of Injuries during Participation
Talking About Chiari With Others
Chiari and Employment
Link Between Depression & Physical Symptoms Is Important For Chiari Patients To Understand
Neuropathic Pain
Nearly Half Of All Personal Bankruptcies Due To Medical Problems
Survey Highlights The Factors Involved In Revealing A Chronic Illness To An Employer
Understanding The Risks Of Common Painkillers
The Nuts & Bolts Of Spinal Anatomy
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
The neurological exam - What do all those tests mean?

Special Reports

Uniting Patient-Based Outcomes: The Chiari Severity Index
Controversy Surrounds Occult Tethered Cord Syndrome
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension aka Pseudotumor Cerebri
Finding A Doctor...You Have To Do The Work
Measuring Pain, Disease, and Disability 
My Acupuncture Experience
Bridging The Patient-Doctor Communication Gap (Part 1)
Bridging The Patient-Doctor Communication Gap (Part 2)
Bridging The Patient-Doctor Communication Gap (Part 3)

Book Reviews

The Truth About Chronic Pain:  Patients and Professionals on How to Face It, Understand It, Overcome It by Arthur Rosenfeld
A Life Larger Than Pain...Reviewed By Kathryn Quintana